G. Lee Kellogg, MS Marketing

Chief Designer:   Lee has many years of design experience, and is also a Realtor who specializes in Real Estate Home Staging and Color Consulting.    Lee has an undergraduate degree in Cultural Anthropology and Art History with a minor in Architectural History and Design.    Later she went on for a Masters in Marketing and then a degree in Business Administration...but her heart was always in Interior Design.

It wasn't until she entered the Real Estate Industry that she finally figured out what she really wanted to do:  Color Consulting and Real Estate Home Staging...besides, she says it's "more fun than any job she ever had!"


Maria Szopinski, MA Fine Art Restoration

Maria has traveled the world and and for the last 25 years she has been working with Interior Designers in Los Angeles and Palm Springs .  This is the Inquisitive Dragon she painted in her Granddaughter's room in 2019.  

Maria specializes in oil paintings & acrylics on canvas; restoration and design of Murals & Frescos;  frame repair and,  the almost forgotten art,  Gold Leafing.   Maria also has an undergraduate degree in Interior Design.  


Marlene G. Luther, GBC

Marlene has been a General Building Contractor since 1991, and she heads up a team of other women who are also Painting, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical contractors.   Marlene and her team are the GO TO for any Home Maintenance issues.     All contractors are CA Licensed and Insured  

a LITTLE MORE ABOUT US...and a little more information

Maria Szopinski



Up at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, CA.   One of Maria's favorite places to visit.  "The art here is unbelievable and the  interactive learning in the different galleries can't be beat."  MHS  

Upcoming Events



Right now our slate is clean with no events planned.  But come September we will be listing the upcoming agenda for the rest of the year. 



We love to give talks to just about anyone who will listen to us!   If you are interested in hearing what we have to say and learning some first hand DIY staging tips, then give us a call.  

661.247.8866 in Bakersfield, CA

Realtors & Agents


Become the top listing agent - Sell faster for higher profits!

Statistics proves over and over that realtors and brokers who advocate HOME STAGING SERVICES to their Sellers get more listings, sell homes for higher prices (15% higher on average), and sell their homes much faster than the unstaged home.

Staging will cost less than the first reduction of the sale price of the home!  Consider Home Staging as part of your sales marketing plan from here on out.  You'll be glad you did.

DISCLAIMER:  Home Staging is a very personalized service; results vary and are not predictable.